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ESRI Virtual Campus

NPS has a license agreement with the software vendor ESRI for ArcGIS that includes access to online training through the ESRI Virtual Campus. The ESRI Virtual Campus web training is great way to start using GIS. Many of the ArcGIS functionality questions that come through our office can be answered by the "Learning ArcGIS Desktop" course or the in-application help.

To register for an ESRI Virtual Campus course, request a course code (if needed) from the NPS ESRI Virtual Campus Sharepoint and login to the ESRI Training site.

Our list of GIS Foundation courses appears below and is linked to the ESRI Course Catalog where you will find a description of the course.

Recommended ArcGIS Foundation Courses

1. Learning ArcGIS Desktop (code required)
2. Getting Started with the Geodatabase (code required)
3. Editing in ArcGIS Desktop (free course)
4. Basics of Geographic Coordinate Systems (free course)
5. Basics of Map Projections (code required)
6. Working with Coordinate Systems in ArcGIS (code required)

In addition to our recommended "Foundation Courses", ESRI offers a wide range of online training courses. You can search the ESRI Virtual Campus Training Catalog and request NPS Course Codes as needed.

POC: Anthony Gareau
Last Modified: 05/25/2017