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Northwestern salamander, Diobsud Lakes, North Cascades National Park
Northwestern salamander, Diobsud Lakes, North Cascades National Park

One of the goals of the North Coast and Cascade Network (NCCN) is to work with park natural resources staff to develop and maintain verified and substantiated vascular plant and vertebrate species lists for each network park. The information presented in these species lists are subsets of data managed in NPSpecies, which is the master biodiversity database for the National Park Service and is the tool used by NCCN for meeting this goal

The vertebrate and vascular plant species lists presented here went through an initial certification process. This involved the evaluation and review of the species information by local experts who are well-versed in the biology, taxonomy, and nomenclature of species in the network parks. The lists will continue to be updated as new information is obtained. Note: the lists are works in progress, and absence of a species from the list does not necessarily indicate its absence from the park, since it is possible that formal census techniques targeting rare, unique, cryptic or seasonally present species were not used.

Species Lists for North Coast and Cascades Network National Parks

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What's the difference?

A Checklist contains only those species that are designated as "present" or "probably present" in the park.

The Full List with Details includes all the Checklist species plus species that are unconfirmed, historically detected, or incorrectly reported in the park. The Full List also contains species that are "in review" because their status in the park hasn't been fully determined. Additional details about the status of each species is included in the Full List.

The Checklist will almost always contain fewer species than the Full List.


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