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Elk herd at Lewis & Clark NHP
Elk herd at Lewis & Clark NHP
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Lewis & Clark National Historical Park (LEWI) was established in 2004 by incorporating new park units in Washington at Station Camp, Dismal Nitch and a portion of Cape Disappointment with several hundred acres of new lands in Oregon and the existing Fort Clatsop National Memorial (FOCL). FOCL was established in 1958 to commemorate the culmination and winter encampment of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

LEWI encompasses 5 sites along 40 miles of the rugged Pacific coast in Oregon and Washington. Park ecosystems range from the coastal dunes, estuarine mudflats and tidal marshes, to shrub and forested swamps and upland coniferous rainforest, dominated by Sitka spruce as large as 6 feet in diameter. Ten types of wetlands occur within the park in palustrine, estuarine and riverine systems. Elevation ranges from 6 to 300 feet. The climate is characterized by relatively warm and dry conditions in the summer and fall and cool, wet conditions in the winter and spring.

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