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Data Management

Recording biological sampling data, Capitol Reef NP Recording biological sampling data, Capitol Reef NP

The collection of data from natural resource science activities is the first step to understanding the ecosystem within and around park boundaries. With this data, park managers are able to make informed decisions about the natural resources in the park for National Park Service planning, management and decision making.

To preserve the integrity, utility, security and availability of data for the long-term, the Northern Colorado Plateau Network actively manages data and information. Detailed procedures regarding management of data and information may be found in the network data management plan.

To facilitate scientific exploration and research, all non-sensitive data is available to the public for use and analysis. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) data, metadata, reports, and other publications are available for download at the Integrated Resource Management Applications (IRMA) portal. A number of digital documents, such as reports, briefs, and protocols, are also available on the Reports and Publications page.

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