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Data Management

Imperial Moth
An female imperial moth (Eacles imperialis)

The central mission of the NPS Inventory and Monitoring (I&M) program is to acquire, manage, analyze, and distribute scientific information on the status and trends of specific park natural resources. Proper data management is critical for preserving the security, integrity and reliability of data, both long-term and short-term.

The goals of NCRN data management are to:

  • Promote data quality
  • Provide a secure working environment
  • Ensure data longevity
  • Facilitate data availability and dissemination

Data Management Products

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Title Description
SOP – Reports Provides an overview and instructions on the reporting standards required by the NCRN I&M Program. All annual monitoring reports or research reports should be formatted as Natural Resource Technical Reports (NRTR). The National I&M Program developed reporting templates for use by networks, cooperators, and contractors to assist with report production. Please refer to the guidance provided at the Natural Resource Publications Management webpage or download the most recent report templates at the NRPM Report Templates webpage.
SOP – GIS Data Identifies the standards (data formats, coordinate systems, spatial scale and resolution) for all spatial data collected and managed by the National Capital Region I&M Network.
SOP – Metadata Familiarizes NPS staff and cooperators with the requirements that the NCRN I&M Program has for dataset documentation. This document is also meant to serve as a guide to metadata generation.
SOP – Specimen Collection Provides NPS staff (both regional and park based), cooperators and contractors with guidance on how to collect and process voucher specimens collected as part of regional (multi-park) projects.
SOP – GPS Specifications Describes the procedures used to collect Global Positioning System (GPS) data of acceptable quality in the field. This document also provides information on instrument settings, field operations, and standards in the recording of positional data.
SOP – Photographic Management Provides logical standards and guidelines for storing, organizing, naming and retrieving photographs in electronic format in the National Capital Region Network Inventory and Monitoring program.
SOP – Seasonal Close-out Procedures Describes the steps that network staff should take to review products to ensure completeness and correctness.

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