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A Least Tern feeds its chick on Lovells Island in Boston Harbor Islands NRA
A Least Tern feeds its chick on Lovells Island in Boston Harbor Islands NRA. Carol Trocki photo.



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breeding bird program brief

Boston Harbor Islands National Recreation Area includes 34 islands and peninsulas situated within the Greater Boston shoreline. Volunteers are used to monitor coastal breeding birds, which helps enhance community involvement with park islands and provides an opportunity for people to participate in long-term monitoring within the park.

The islands provide habitat for a significant number of colonial-nesting waterbirds, including Least Terns and Common Terns, which are both listed as species of special concern in the State of Massachusetts. The Islands also provide habitat for breeding wading birds including Snowy Egrets and Black-crowned Night-Herons which are, respectively, species of high and moderate continental conservation concern. American Oystercatchers have expanded their range northward into Massachusetts and now have a substantial breeding population in the Islands. The North American population of American Oystercatchers is listed as a high priority shorebird species with high conservation concern in the U.S. Shorebird conservation Plan. In addition, eider, cormorants, several other wading and shorebird species, and gulls regularly nest on the Islands.

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Northeast Temperate Network Staff Contacts for Coastal Bird Monitoring

Name Title/Position Phone Number Email Address
Aaron Weed Program Manager 802-457-3368
ex. 237
Carol Trocki Project Lead Scientist 401-952-2937
Adam Kozlowski Data Manager 802-457-3368 ex 240
Ed Sharron Science Communication Specialist 802-457-3368 ex 223
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