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NETN technician Brian Schuetz measures several water quality parameters in Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller's Pogue Brook
NETN water technician measures several water quality parameters in Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller's Pogue Brook. Ed Sharron photo.
  • Monitor the status and trends of NETN aquatic resources in order to assess changes in ecological integrity and the impacts of key stressors.



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forest health brief

Freshwater resources are subjected to natural and anthropogenic (human) impacts and alterations, which have imposed stress on these resources for many years. Current and historic threats to aquatic ecosystems in NPS units throughout the northeastern U.S. have led to specific physical, biological, or chemical stressors to the freshwater ecosystems. The documentation of baseline water quality and water-quantity conditions is essential to the long-term maintenance of freshwater resources. Documenting the changes in baseline conditions will assist natural resource managers to identify and manage stressors in park freshwater ecosystems.

The vital signs for NETN freshwater bodies were chosen to detect change in the status of physical, chemical, or biological attributes of ecosystems. Sampling is performed monthly from May through October, physical and water chemistry parameters are measured each month and periodically collected water samples are taken for analysis at the University of Maine. All monitoring data are incorporated into a series of comprehensive databases that feed into an EPA data system.

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NETN Lake, Pond, and Stream Monitoring Sites

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Northeast Temperate Network Staff Contacts for Lake, Pond, & Stream Monitoring

Name Title/Position Phone Number Email Address
Aaron Weed Program Manager 802-457-3368
ex. 237
Bill Gawley Biologist 207-288-8723
Karla Burnley Hydro-tech 802-359-3477
Adam Kozlowski Data Manager 802-457-3368 ex 240
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