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A winter storm blankets the carraige roads of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP in snow
A winter storm blankets the carraige roads of Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller NHP in snow. Ed Sharron photo.
  • Document current status and long-term trends in air temperature, precipitation, and bioclimatic measures at multiple time scales ( daily, monthly, seasonal, annual, and decadal) and spatial scales ( individual stations and aggregated stations such as climate divisions) utilizing existing weather and climate monitoring programs and datasets.



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weather & climate brief

Temperature and precipitation, taken over time scales of years, decades or longer, are the basic components of climate. Climate provides the physical constraints that determine plant and animal survival and drives the basic processes that underpin ecosystems. Current climate models predict substantial climate-related changes in the northeast, and this will result in ecological changes. Potential changes include: (1) changes in forest species composition (e.g., loss of sugar maples), (2) increased frequency of heavy precipitation events and flooding, and (3) an overall increase in the heat index of 8-20 ºF. Monitoring the basic components of climate will help to discern whether these predictions are accurate for the NETN, and will help managers anticipate potential changes that will affect parks. For example, increased severity and frequency of rainfall events could cause flooding of low-lying areas, and convert vernal pools to year-round pools (with potential consequences for amphibian species).

Weather monitoring is currently being conducted in or near all parks in NETN.The Inventory & Monitoring Division is developing a national level protocol that will utilize data from multiple climate monitoring networks (Applied Climate Information System) and will provide parks with tools to access and summarize these data.

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Northeast Temperate Network Staff Contacts for Weather and Climate Monitoring

Name Title/Position Phone Number Email Address
Aaron Weed Program Manager 802-457-3368
ex. 237
Fred Dieffenbach Environmental Monitoring Coordinator - Appalachian NST 802-457-3368 ex 236
Adam Kozlowski Data Manager 802-457-3368 ex 240
Ed Sharron Science Communication Specialist 802-457-3368 ex 223
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