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Park and NETN staff prepare monitoring plots in Acadia NP's Big Heath wetland.
Park and NETN staff prepare monitoring plots in Acadia NP's Big Heath wetland. NPS photo.
  • Track the status and trends of the ecological health of freshwater wetlands in Acadia National Park.



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freshwater wetlands monitoring program brief

Wetlands in NETN are widespread and diverse, ranging from marine to freshwater habitats. Forested freshwater wetlands are the dominant wetland type in most NETN parks. Vernal pools are present in most, if not all NETN parks, but are not mapped as part of the National Wetland Inventory. Of all NETN parks, the greatest diversity and abundance of wetlands are found in Acadia National Park, including considerable coverage of palustrine (inland marshes and swamps as well as bogs, fens, tundra and floodplains)scrub/shrub and emergent habitats. Monitoring permanent freshwater wetlands is a low priority for the National Historical Parks and Sites in NETN, therefore permanent freshwater wetlands will be monitored in Acadia NP only. NETN's definition of permanent freshwater wetlands follows the targeted wetland habitats used by the EPA. EPA's list of targeted wetland habitats includes palustrine emergent, palustrine scrub/shrub, and palustrine forested wetlands. All of these wetland types are characterized as having rooted vegetation, open water less than 1-m deep where present, hydric soils, hydrophytic plant indicators, and wetland hydrology. Assessment areas may include no more than 10% non-wetland area (e.g., upland habitat, deep water, etc).

NETN Freshwater Wetland Monitoring Materials

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NETN Freshwater Wetland Monitoring Sites

Northeast Temperate Network Staff Contacts for Freshwater Wetland Monitoring

Name Title/Position Phone Number Email Address
Aaron Weed Program Manager 802-457-3368
ex. 237
Kate Miller Plant Ecologist 207-288-8736
Ed Sharron Science Communication Specialist 802-457-3368 ex 223
Adam Kozlowski Data Manager 802-457-3368 ex 240
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