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Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Appalachian National Scenic Trail showing HUC10 shell.
Appalachian National Scenic Trail showing HUC10 shell.

Rare Plant Monitoring

Annual Program Review

Forest Health

On Versus Off APPA Forest Health Comparison

Resource Comparison

By Ecoregional Province

Adirondack-New England Mixed Forest--Coniferous Forest--Alpine Meadow (M211)

Eastern Broadleaf Forest (221)

Central Appalachian Broadleaf Forest-Coniferous Forest-Meadow (M221)

By Ecoregional SubSection (North to South)




Weather and Climate

SubSections (North to South)

Climate Exposure by SubSections (North to South)

Water Quality

Breeding Birds

Brook Trout

Non-Indigenous Species


Select SubSections (North to South)


Acid Deposition

Landscape Change

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