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About the Northern Great Plains Network

A multi-level organizational structure ensures accountability and efficiency of the NGPN program. The network is responsible to a Board of Directors and Technical Committee composed of park superintendents and staff who participate on a rotational basis and in accordance with an approved charter. Program guidance and oversight is provided by the Inventory & Monitoring Division of the National Park Service's Washington Office.

The network consists of seven permanent NPS personnel that work closely with park staff at NGPN parks.

Northern Great Plains Network Staff Contacts

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Title/Position Phone Number
Kara Paintner-Green Network Coordinator 605-341-2807
Isabel Ashton Plant Ecologist 605-341-2806
Jo Harkins Administrative Assistant 402-482-5919
Chris Davis Biological Science Technician (Plants) 605-341-2805
Justin Mills Assistant Data Manager 605-341-2804
Darren Thornbrugh Aquatic Ecologist 605-341-2803
Angela Jarding Data Manager 605-341-2809
Dan Swanson Northern Great Plains Fire Management Fire Ecologist 605-745-1172
Brennan Hauk Northern Great Plains Exotic Plant Management Team Liason 605-341-2801
Sharla Stevenson IMR/MWR Hydrologist 605-939-8058
Amy Symstad USGS Research Ecologist 605-745-1191


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