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NPS field biologist at Mount Rushmore National Memorial
NPS field biologist at at Mount Rushmore National Memorial

Effective long-term management and stewardship of natural resources in the Northern Great Plains Network begins with baseline knowledge of these resources. To acquire this knowledge, an inventory program was established by the National Park Service with the goals of acquiring baseline information for a variety of resources, from bibliographic information to species occurrence and distribution.

The 12 basic inventories are defined in appendix A of the Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Guidelines (NPS-75). These basic inventories are intended to provide park managers with the minimum information needed to effectively manage the natural resources of their parks.

Click on the links below to learn more about each inventory or use the Inventory Tracking Search Tool to determine the status of each inventory by Park. To view or download completed inventory reports for parks in the Northern Great Plains Network, please visit our park-specific webpages.

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