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Northern Great Plains Network Parks

Agate Fossil Beds NM Fort Laramie NHS Badlands NP Knife River Indian Villages NHS Devils Tower NM Fort Union Trading Post NHS Ponderosa pine forest at Jewel Cave NM Missouri NRR Pronghorn antelope at Wind Cave NP Niobrara NSR Mount Rushmore NMEM Bison at Theodore Roosevelt NP Scotts Bluff NM

The NGPN works with 13 park units in Nebraska, North Dakota, South Dakota and eastern Wyoming. The parks support unique natural resources, including large areas of northern mixed-grass prairie communities, critical river and riparian habitats, large herds of bison, and two of the four longest caves in the world.

The parks range in size from 444 acres at Fort Union Trading Post NHS to 242,756 acres at Badlands NP and include one national memorial, one national scenic river, one national recreational river, three national historic sites, four national monuments, and three national parks.

Monitoring activities in each park are outlined in the table below. To learn more about a specific park, follow the links below or see the network map.

Network Parks

Northern Great Plains Network Monitoring Activities by Park

Air Quality                    
Aquatic Contaminants                      
Aquatic Invertebrates X                        
Cave Water and Meteorology                      
Landbirds X X X X X X X X X X X X X
Landscape Pattern and Dynamics
Plant Communities X X X X X X X X X X X
Prairie Dogs                 X
Stream and River Channel Characteristics                      
Water Quality X   X X     X X   X   X  
Weather and Climate

X = Implementation Completed
= Implementation Planned

Northern Great Plains Network Park Map

NGPN park map Fort Union Trading Post Hational Historic Site Knife River Indian Villages Hational Historic Site Theodore Roosevelt National Park Devils Tower National Memorial Mount Rushmore National Memorial Jewel Cave National Monument Wind Cave National Park Badlands National Park Agate Fossil Beds National Monument Niobrara National Scenic River Missouri National Recreational River Fort Laramie National Historic Site Scotts Bluff National Monument

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