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Location of Devils Tower NM in the Northern Great Plains Network. Click for larger image.

Devils Tower National Monument is located in northeastern Wyoming. The primary feature of the park is the 867 ft tall igneous rock monolith towering over the landscape. Also known as Bear Lodge, the Tower is sacred to the Lakota and over 20 tribes.

Management and protection of the Tower is the primary natural resource issue for the park. The monument is a premier crack climbing site with several thousand climbers summiting the Tower each year. Without proper management, climbing could impact vegetation and soil, as well as peregrine falcon nesting. Other noteworthy natural resources in the park include the Belle Fourche River, associated riparian forests, and a 40-acre prairie dog colony. More information on Devils Tower's natural resources may be found on the park's Nature and Science webpage.

Featured Information

Resource Brief – Landbird monitoring results at Devils Tower National Monument: 2016

Landbird monitoring results at Devils Tower National Monument Cover

This is the fourth year of landbird surveys conducted at Devils Tower National Monument. Bird monitoring is conducted in collaboration with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. The goal of this monitoring is to assess bird populations and community changes over time.
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Report – Plant community composition and structure monitoring for Devils Tower National Monument: 2016 Data Report

DETO Plant Community Monitoring 2016 Data Report Cover

The Northern Great Plains Inventory & Monitoring Network and Fire Effects program monitored vegetation at 19 sites at Devils Tower National Monument in 2016. This report summarizes the 2016 data.
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Real-Time Data - USGS Water Quality Monitoring Station

The Northern Great Plains Network partnered with the USGS Wyoming-Montana Water Science Center to install and operate a continuous monitoring station on the Belle Fourche River. The station provided continuous data on gage height, temperature, specific conductance, pH, and dissolved oxygen during the 2016 ice-free season.
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Herbarium – Rocky Mountain Digital Herbarium

In partnership with the Northern Great Plains Network (NGPN), the University of Wyoming Libraries has digitized the vascular plant herbarium collections for Devils Tower National Monument. The Digital Herbaria provides access to high-resolution photographs and specimen data for hundreds of plant specimens. Learn more...

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