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Location of Theodore Roosevelt NP in the Northern Great Plains Network. Click for larger image.

Theodore Roosevelt National Park protects 70,446 acres in the Little Missouri Badlands of western North Dakota as a memorial to its namesake who made significant contributions to the conservation movement. Its rugged badland-type topography hosts a wide variety of landcover types including native prairie, forest, riparian, barren areas, and shrubland. A 1997-1998 vegetation mapping project found that 6 of its 35 vegetation types are considered globally rare or worse.

With its free-ranging herds of bison, elk, mule deer, white-tailed deer, pronghorn, and bighorn sheep, the park is well known for its wildlife. It also contains some 1,235 acres of black-tailed prairie dog towns, a free-ranging herd of horses, and a small herd of long-horn steers.

The spread of exotic plants is a major concern to the park as is water quality in the 21 miles of the Little Missouri River that runs through the park. Other natural resource concerns are air quality due to energy development, fire suppression, and overgrazing due to the absence of natural predators. To learn more about the park's natural resources, please visit their Nature and Science webpage.

Featured Information

Resource Brief– Landbird monitoring results at Theodore Roosevelt National Park: 2016

THRO Landbird Monitoring Results 2016 Cover

This is the fourth year of landbird surveys conducted at Theodore Roosevelt National Park. Bird monitoring is conducted in collaboration with the Bird Conservancy of the Rockies. The goal of this monitoring is to assess bird populations and community changes.
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Webcam – View of Painted Canyon at Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Click here to see a larger image, current weather, and air quality information about this location. Webcam is maintained by the NPS Air Resources Division. Photos are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

Report – Plant community composition and structure monitoring for Theodore Roosevelt National Park: 2011-2016 Summary Report

THRO Plant Community Monitoring Report Cover

he Northern Great Plains Inventory & Monitoring Program has been monitoring vegetation at Theodore Roosevelt National Park since 2011. This report summarizes data from 81 locations monitored from 2011-2016, and explores the status and trends in upland and riparian plant communities.
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Real-Time Data - USGS Water Quality Monitoring Station

USGS THRO Water Quality Monitoring Station Data

The Northern Great Plains Network partnered with the USGS North Dakota Water Science Center to install and operate a continuous monitoring station on the Little Missouri River at Medora. The station provided continuous data on gage height, temperature, specific conductance, pH, and dissolved oxygen during the 2016 ice-free season.
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