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Black Hills Area Botany & Ecology Workshop (BHABEW)

This annual workshop brings together scientists, land managers, students, and others interested in the ecology of the Black Hills area. The scope of presentations includes botany and ecology, plus monitoring and management of the biological components of natural resources in the Black Hills and nearby surrounding plains. Participants include those from federal, state, and tribal agencies, universities and colleges, nongovernmental organizations, and the private sector. The workshop gives participants an opportunity to meet others doing similar work, share ideas, network, and build new collaborations and partnerships.

The workshop is typically held in Mid-March and is a free, no-registration-required, all-day event open to all involved and interested in the management of natural resources in the Black Hills and surrounding plains area.

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2017 Workshop (Expand panel)
2016 Workshop (Expand panel)
2015 Workshop (Expand panel)
2014 Workshop (Expand panel)
2013 Workshop (Expand panel)
2012 Workshop (Expand panel)
2011 Workshop (Expand panel)
  • Agenda and Presentation Descriptions
  • Chelsea Vollmer - Update from the Black Hills National Forest Botany Program
  • Jill Larson - Englewood Spring Botanical Area floristic inventory results and management strategy highlights
  • Nancy Drilling - Black Hills Owl Surveys 2009-2010
  • David Drons - An inventory of native bees (Hymenoptera: Apoidea) in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Benjamin van Ee and Mark Gable - A revision of the Flora of South Dakota
  • Daryl Mergen and Mark Gabel - Analyses of Phleum species (timothy and alpine timothy) in the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Kate Cueno - Initial ecological effects of thin and chip on two ponderosa pine forests in the Black Hills
  • Amy Symstad and Jayne Jonas - Factors that affect plant species richness in Great Plains grasslands: What do we know?
  • Aurora R. and Jack Butler - Germination characteristics of prairie dropseed, blanketflower, and hairy goldaster in response to prechill and temperature treatments
  • Anine Smith, Alan Knapp, and Amy Symstad - Ecosystem and community responses to nitrogen deposition in two northern Great Plains national parks
  • Scott Guffey - South Dakota Weed and Pest laws and the state declared noxious weed list
  • Eugene Bolka - Biological control agents for invasive plants in the Black Hills
  • Milt Haar - Spurge flax (Thymelaea passerina) at Badlands National Park: Discovery and preliminary herbicide control trials
2010 Workshop (Expand panel)
  • Mark Gabel, Dave Ode, Grace Kostel & Curtis Card - Early botanical collections from eastern WY and western SD from 1800-1940
  • Grace Kostel - A database of vascular plants from the Missouri plateau
  • Steve Rolfsmeier - Addressing biogeographic gaps through targeted collecting: an example from KS and applications for the Black Hills
  • Scott Guffey - A coordinated approach to the management of invasive species in SD
  • Milt Haar - The effects of the herbicide Milestone (aminopyralid) on native forbs; Spurge Flax (Thymelaea passerine), a new invasive exotic plant in Badlands National Park
  • Kara Paintner - Climate change efforts in DOI and especially NPS
  • John Stamm - Paleoclimate and historic climate trends in the Missouri river basin
  • Marcia Wilson - Monitoring bird populations at Wind Cave National Park
  • Beth Burkhart - Wind Cave National Park: vegetation-based work in 2009 and plans for 2010
  • Tanya Olson - When the cows go home: creek restoration after cattle impacts
  • Chelsea Vollmer - 2010 botany update from the Black Hills National Forest
  • Jill Larson - A management plan for Englewood Spring botanical area: objectives and process
  • Daniel Uresk, Ted Benzon, and Daryl Mergen - Using a modified Robel pole to monitor and measure residual vegetation as related to grazing, wildlife habitat, and other resources in the Black Hills, SD
  • Nancy Drilling - Monitoring the birds of the Black Hills: 2001-2009
  • ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
  • Posters
  • Amy Symstad & Leigh Welling - Is scenario planning a good tool for incorporating climate change into natural resource management planning?
  • S.A. Thomasson, R.J. Packauskas & J.R. Thomasson - Scanning electron microscopy of mycorrhizae of coralroot orchids (Corallorhiza)
  • J.R. Thomasson - Scanning electron microscopy of Botrychium campestre and Botrychium lineare from the Black Hills, SD
2009 Workshop (Expand panel)
  • Sam Hurst - Dakota Today, an Online Journal
  • Chelsea Vollmer - A Black Hills National Forest Botany Program Update
  • Jessica Gould - Fens of the Black Hills: Preliminary Investigations
  • Amy Symstad - The Coefficient of Conservatism and the Floristic Quality Index: Tools for Evaluating Plant Communities
  • Dave Ode & Bonnie Heidel - Divergent Evolution in Natural Heritage Programs: the South Dakota and Wyoming Examples
  • Bonnie Heidel & Dave Ode - Black Hills Rare Plant Lists: Sagas and Sequels
  • Beth Burkhart - A Rare Plants, Etc. Working Group for the Black Hills?
  • Grace Kostel & Beth Burkhart - Citizen Botanist Activities in the Black Hills Area
  • Steve Rolfsmeier & Ron Weedon - Recent Floristic Discoveries in the Nebraska Pine Ridge and a Comparison to the Flora of the Black Hills
  • Joel Brumm & Mike Bynum (presenter) - Ecological Conceptual Diagrams for Northern Great Plains Parks
  • Milt Haar - Wind Dispersal of Canada Thistle Achenes
  • Stefanie Wacker & Jack Butler - Understory Vegetation Response to Timber Harvest in the Black Hills: Year 2
  • Jack Butler - Ecological Classification of Vegetation on Prairie Dog Towns on the Buffalo Gap National Grasslands
  • Marcia Wilson - Evaluating Monitoring Options for Land Birds in the Northern Great Plains Network
  • Terra Houska, Matt Stefanich, & the Bearlodge Wildlife Crew - Leave it to Beaver
2008 Workshop (Expand panel)
  • Steve Rolfsmeier - A possible Carolinian relict flora in the Nebraska Sandhills
  • Mark Gabel & Dan Tackett - A Range Extension for Cypripedium montanum Douglas ex. Lindley (Orchidaceae) into the Black Hills of South Dakota
  • Marie Curtin - Seed longevity: where do those numbers come from?
  • Bob Gitzen - Update on the NPS Northern Great Plains Monitoring Plan
  • Jack Butler - Current projects at the Rapid City Forest and Grassland Research Laboratory
  • Stefanie Wacker & Jack Butler - Understory vegetation response to timber harvest in the Black Hills
  • Beth Burkhart - Black Hills National Forest plant monitoring 2000-2007: Interactions with adaptive management and other results
  • Chelsea Vollmer - Update on Black Hills National Forest restoration of McIntosh Fen
  • Eugene Bolka - Mystic Ranger District noxious weed program
  • Bob Paulson - New TNC work in the Conata Basin
  • Michael Battaglia - Susceptibility of ponderosa pine regeneration to prescribed fire: when should you burn?
  • Peter Brown, Cody Wienk, & Amy Symstad - Forest history and structure at Mount Rushmore National Memorial
2007 Workshop (Expand panel)
  • Mary Lata - Grass fire temperature dynamics
  • Beth Burkhart - Highlights of Black Hills National Forest plant inventory and monitoring in 2006: From A to Z (or at least Botrychium to shining Willow)
  • Audrey Gabel - Diet of Flying Squirrels in the Northern Black Hills : 2005-2006
  • Patti Lynch - Fens of the Black Hills
  • Lori Jeffrey - Influence of wildfire on vegetation of managed fuel areas in the Pine Ridge Region of Nebraska
  • Matt Lucas - Influence of late-season wildfire on threadleaf sedge on the Pine Ridge Escarpment of Nebraska
  • Dan Licht - Mount Rushmore : The Wild Side (video)
  • Amy Symstad - Success of grassland seed mixes in plantings at Wind Cave National Park: Year two
  • Don Hardy - Using undergraduate research projects to monitor succession on old burn sights: Observations of the 1959 Deadwood fire
  • Grace Kostel - New vascular plant records for the Oglala and Buffalo Gap National Grasslands
  • Andreas Pflitsch - Climatological research in the barometric caves of the Black Hills
  • Cheryl Warren & Heather Morijah - National Grasslands Heritage Proposal
  • Cody Wienk - Update on restoration projects at Mount Rushmore and Devils Tower
2006 Workshop (Expand panel)
  • Amy Symstad (USGS) - Early success of various grassland seed mixes in plantings at Wind Cave National Park
  • Peter Brown (RMTRR) - Historical fire and forest structure at Mount Rushmore and implications for forest management (given by Cody Wienk)
  • Jack Butler (USFS RMRS) - Patterns of vegetation recovery following control of leafy spurge
  • Cody Wienk (NPS) - Protocol development for monitoring plant community composition in Northern Great Plains national parks: Results of a pilot study
  • Beth Burkhart (BHNF) - New direction for vegetation management on BHNF resulting from the Phase II Amendment, including species of local concern
  • Helen McGranahan - Balancing urban interface and wildfire in the southern Black Hills: experiences of a Firewise community
  • Marcia Wilson (NPS) - Update on the progress of the NPS Northern Great Plains I&M Network (given by Amy Symstad)
  • Joel Brumm (NPS) - 3-D visualization and imaging in vegetation monitoring
  • Mark Gabel (BHSU) - A web-accessible database of grasses of western South Dakota and eastern Wyoming
  • Grace Kostel (UWyo) - New and unusual collections from the Buffalo Gap and Oglala National Grasslands
2005 Workshop (Expand panel)
2004 Workshop (Expand panel)
  • Grace Kostel - Protecting what we say we are - adaptive management on the Fall River Ranger District of the Buffalo Gap National Grassland
  • Carmen Williams - Reproductive potentials of the invader Falcaria vulgaris
  • Beth Burkhart - Species conservation project, effects matrix, & not-so-sensitive plants
  • Amy Symstad - Designing a long-term vegetation monitoring plan for Northern Great Plains national parks
  • Cody Wienk - Monitoring mechanical fuel reduction projects at Devils Tower and Mount Rushmore
  • Brian Smith - Herpetology work in the national parks of the Northern Great Plains
  • Mark Gabel - Comparing the vegetation of two dune areas in Harding and Perkins counties
  • Steven Rolfsmeier - Current Research at the High Plains Herbarium, Chadron State College
  • Cindy Reed - Great Plains Native Plant Society
  • Audrey Gabel - Black Hills mycology
  • Dave Siemens - Comparing the strength of natural selection by herbivores and competitors to understand the simultaneous evolution of defense and competitive ability in plants
  • Reed Crook - BHNF vegetation monitoring program
  • Blaine Cook - Current research projects on the BHNF
  • Deanna Reyher - News about Botrychium spp. and upcoming research on the BHNF
2003 Workshop (Expand panel)

For more information about BHABEW contact: Amy Symstad

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