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Northern Great Plains Exotic Plant Management Team

Leafy spurge
Leafy spurge

The Northern Great Plains Exotic Plant Management Team (NGP-EPMT) has multiple goals, all of which revolve around containing and preventing the spread of invasive species and restoring areas to native plant communities. General goals include increasing public awareness about noxious weeds and the economic and environmental costs associated with such weeds; creating name recognition for the Exotic Plant Management Program; and working to foster partnerships between the various groups and entities collectively engaged in controlling and managing noxious weeds. The NGP-EPMT uses scientifically based research that enables the team and parks to effectively and efficiently manage and control invasive species. The team emphasizes and uses Integrated Pest Management techniques for systematic long-term management and control of invasive species in the northern Great Plains.

To learn more, visit the site for the NPS Exotic Plant Management Program.

Featured Information

Outreach – Exotic Plants Early Detection Flyers

In partnership with the the Midwest Invasive Plant Network, the Northern Great Plains Network has developed a series of Invasive Plant Early Detection Flyers: Common Exotics, Riparian/Mesic Exotics, and Upland Exotics. The intention of these flyers is to help educate field crews, volunteers, park staff, and visitors on current and potential invasive plant species and provide contact information for potential infestations. Download flyers...

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