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Steep mountains descend quickly to the beach in the National Park of American Samoa's remote Manu‘a Islands A red-footed booby looks back at the camera

Effective stewardship of natural resources in the national parks of the Pacific Island Network begins with baseline knowledge of the resources. To acquire this knowledge, the National Park Service collects fundamental information on twelve (12) basic inventories defined in the Natural Resources Inventory and Monitoring Guidelines (NPS-75). These inventories consist of resource information basic to park management needs.

12 Basic Inventories and Links to Further Information

Inventory Links to Reports and/or Data Completion Status
Natural Resource Bibliography IRMA Portal - online NPS tool to find and download documents & reports, GIS maps, etc. Complete
Species Lists NPSpecies Search Complete
Species Status and Abundance PACN Biological Inventory Reports Page Complete
Vegetation Inventory PACN Biological Inventory Reports Page Complete
Base Cartography GIS Data Store Search Complete
Geologic Resources NPS Geologic Inventory Reports AMME in progress. All other parks complete.
Soils Resources NPS Soil Survey Data Complete
Water Body Location and Classification USGS National Hydrography Dataset Complete
Baseline Water Quality NPS Baseline Water Quality Data & Analysis Reports Complete
Air Quality NPS Air Resources Website Complete
Air Quality Related Values NPS Air Resources Website Complete
Climate PACN Weather & Climate Inventory Report Complete

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