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Pacific Island Network (PACN)


Water quality monitoring device on a coral reef
Water quality monitoring device on a coral reef

Vital Sign monitoring tracks certain ecological indicators selected to represent the overall health or condition of park resources. Monitoring data are periodically collected on 14 Vital Signs. The data are analyzed and summarized to park managers so that they have relevant and up-to-date information on the condition of park resources to inform management actions.

Monitoring Reports

The PACN Monitoring Plan (25Mb) provides a detailed description of the network's overall monitoring strategy. Use the table below to access specific vital signs monitoring protocols.

Vital Sign Protocol Status
Anchialine Pools Under Development
Benthic Marine Complete
Climate Complete
Early Detection of Invasive Species Under Development
Established Invasive Plant Species Complete
Focal Terrestrial Plant Communities Complete
Groundwater Dynamics Complete
Landbirds Complete
Landscape Dynamics Under Development
Marine Fish Complete
Streams Complete
Water Quality Complete

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