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Tinajas at Toroweap in Grand Canyon NP<br />(SCPN photo) Coyote Gulch near Jacob Hamblin Arch in Glen Canyon NRA<br />(Courtesy R. Gahris) Stream orchid at Twin Trails Spring in Canyon de Chelly NM<br />(SCPN photo) Panoramic view of Grand Canyon NP<br />(SCPN photo) Pueblo at Chetro Ketl in Chaco Canyon NHP<br />(SCPN photo) Loggerhead shrike<br />(US Fish and Wildlife Service photo) Panoramic view in Bandelier NM<br />(SCPN photo) Rocky Mountain stickweed in the tropic shale at Glen Canyon NRA<br/>(SCPN photo) Dobsonfly near Garden Creek in Grand Canyon NP<br/>(SCPN photo) Upper Canyon del Muerto Creek in Canyon de Chelly NM<br />(SCPN photo) Male eastern collared lizard in Hubbell Trading Post NHS<br />(SCPN photo) Petroglyph panel in Petrified Forest NP<br />(SCPN photo) Silky pocketmouse in Wupatki NM<br />(Courtesy Flagstaff Monuments) Painted Desert in Petrified Forest NP<br />(Courtesy R. Gahris) San Francisco Peaks as viewed from Wupatki NM<br />(SCPN photo) The Great Kiva in Aztec Ruins NM in autumn<br />(Courtesy J. Berens, NPS) Western terrestrial garter snake<br />(Courtesy T. Persons) Canyon del Muerto in Canyon De Chelly NM.<br />(SCPN photo) Kiva at Chetro Ketl in Chaco Canyon NHP<br />(SCPN photo) Rock outcropping of sandstone in El Morro NM<br />(SCPN photo)

The Southern Colorado Plateau Network (SCPN) is one of 32 National Park Service I&M Networks across the country established to collect, organize, analyze, and synthesize natural resource data and information about national parks, and provide the results in a variety of useful formats. The network organization facilitates collaboration, information sharing, and economies of scale in natural resource monitoring. SCPN is comprised of 19 national park units located throughout the diverse landscapes of northern Arizona, northwestern New Mexico, southwestern Colorado and southern Utah.

This website delivers information about the Network's Inventory & Monitoring Program, and the scientific activities underway. Learn more about specific topics by exploring the links on the left or visit the park units web pages to find out about the particular resources found at each of these special places.

Featured Items

Recently published annual monitoring results

Pictures from monitoring reports

Discover what birds (2012New!), plants (2012New!) and aquatic macro-invertebrates (2012New!) have been detected by SCPN field crews in the parks. Annual monitoring reports also describe the condition of important habitat features associated with these species, such as forest structure, soil stability and water quality.

New climate page

Visit our new climate page to learn more about the climate of the southern Colorado Plateau. Explore the new interactive weather stations map, and compare mean monthly temperature and precipitation among network parks by examining climate diagrams.

New species list page

Abert squirrel

Ever wonder what species can be found in a particular network park? Use our new Species List page to generate a species checklist using SEINet or NPSpecies, two data gateways used by NPS to track and distribute species occurrence information.

Expanded multimedia page

Audio symbol Video symbol

Listen to interviews with Park Service scientists to learn about monitoring and restoration activities being conducted in the SCPN park units. Watch videos to learn of newly discovered animals at Petrified Forest National Park, and how historical vegetation plots have led to a deeper understanding of Grand Canyon National Park forests.

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