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About the Southern Colorado Plateau Network

The Southern Colorado Plateau Network (SCPN) is based in Flagstaff, Arizona, on the campus of Northern Arizona University. The network’s NPS staff includes the program manager, ecologists and technicians, a data management team, and a half-time program assistant. The network works collaboratively with the Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystems Study Unit, Northern Arizona University, and other regional universities to bring in additional technical expertise as needed.

Our mission is to track status and trends in the condition of selected park "vital signs" and to communicate the results to park managers, partners, and the public, thereby promoting the use of sound science in the preservation of natural and cultural resources held in trust by the National Park Service. Since 2000, SCPN has worked with parks to identify natural resource inventory and monitoring needs, to complete basic inventories, and to implement long-term ecological monitoring across the 19 SCPN parks.

The organizational structure of the network also includes a Board of Directors, and Technical Advisory Committee.

Mailing Address (including UPS and FedEx)

SCPN National Park Service
USGS Flagstaff Science Campus
2255 N Gemini Drive
Flagstaff, AZ 86001

Current SCPN Staff

National Park Service Employees

Name Position Phone
Dusty Perkins Program Manager (Acting) 970-589-1474
Mary Anne Schrade Program Assistant 928-556-7405
Jodi Norris Landscape and Quantitative Ecologist 928-556-7400
Jim DeCoster Plant Ecologist 928-556-7408
Megan Swan Botanist 928-556-7404
Lee McCoy Data Manager 928-556-7403
Cindy Parker Assistant Data Manager 928-556-7402
Kristin Straka GIS Specialist 928-556-7401
Stacy Stumpf Aquatic Ecologist 928-556-7407
David Rakestraw Hydrologic Technician 928-556-7409
Jean Palumbo Writer/Editor 928-556-7406

Northern Arizona University Employees

Name Position Phone
Ellen Soles Senior Research Specialist ----

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Southern Colorado Plateau Network Board of Directors

The SCPN Board of Directors provides guidance, oversight and advocacy in the development and implementation of the I&M Program for the 19 NPS units within the network. The BOD has five voting members and is composed of superintendents or assistant superintendents from five of the 19 NPS units within the SCPN. The Chairperson of the SCPN I&M Technical Advisory Committee and the SCPN Program Manager serve as non-voting members. To ensure effective coordination and communication with the NPS Intermountain Region Office and the Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CP-CESU), the Intermountain Region I&M Coordinator and the CP-CESU Leader will serve as non-voting members.

Southern Colorado Plateau Network Technical Advisory Committee

The SCPN Inventory and Monitoring Technical Advisory Committee (TAC) is responsible for the scientific and technical planning aspects, park-based logistic support, and resources management applications of the I&M Program for the 19 NPS units within the network. The TAC is composed of NPS natural resource representatives from the 19 SCPN NPS units, plus the CP-CESU Research Coordinator and the SCPN Program Manager.

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