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Weather stations within 40 km of SCPN park units

This map displays locations of all known weather stations, both active and inactive, within 40km of SCPN parks and that have data available online. Stations included on this website were compiled during an initial comprehensive search completed in December 2011. Station information is added as we become aware of it. Information on missing stations is welcome (click here to contact us).

Links to station weather data are included. In addition, NPS users may want to access the NPS I&M Enterprise Climate database which provides access to processed datasets and statistics for many stations. The complete list of stations and their coordinates can be viewed and exported in table form on this site.

Please note: SCPN provides this information as a courtesy to visitors of this website. This map and accompanying list of stations were compiled by the SCPN from multiple weather data sources. Links to the weather data are included where known; however the source weather data are not collected or maintained by the SCPN.

The SCPN does not guarantee that this map and list of stations are accurate or complete. Due to datum and rounding differences in the source data, mapped station locations may differ from physical location by as much as one kilometer.

In compiling this list, SCPN retained the records of any station that had a unique network affiliation, ID, operation dates or coordinates. As a result, it's likely that some station records are duplicates.

The term "data repository" in the map legend refers to the entity responsibile for maintaining each climate database, not to the operational network, which is the source of the data.

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Weather Station Map Info Box Explanations

Field Explanations

Infobox Caption Table Field Name Description
Data availability data_start / data.data_end The date range data have been collected at this station.
Notes NOTE Additional information about this station.
URL URL Hyperlink - address of online data, when available.
Download instructions DWNLD_INSTR Instructions for how to retrieve data using the hyperlink.

To view or download complete weather station data in table form, click here.

To download the field explanations for the full table, click here.

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List of Networks and Agencies

Acronym Name URL
ADWR Arizona Department of Water Resources
APRSWXNET Automatic Position Reporting System Weather Network
ASOS Automated Surface Observing Systems (NOAA)
AWOS Automated Weather Observing System
AZ-DCP Arizona Data Collection Platform Network --
AZDOT Arizona Department of Transportation
BLM Bureau of Land Management
CASTNET Clean Air Status and Trends Network (EPA)
COOP Cooperative Observer Program (NOAA NWS)
COAGMET Colorado Agricultural Meteorological Network (Colorado State University)>
CRBFC Colorado River Basin Forecast Center (NOAA)
CWOP Citizen Weather Observer Program
FAA Federal Aviation Administration
FGZWFO Flagstaff Weather Forecast Office --
GPMP Gaseous Pollutant Monitoring Program (NPS)
GSE -- --
HADS Hydrometeorological Automated Data System (NOAA)
ICAO International Civil Aviation Organization --
ICS -- --
LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory
MESONET Oklahoma Mesoscale Weather Network (University of Oklahoma and Oklahoma State University)
MESOWEST Mesoscale Surface Weather Observation Network (University of Utah)
NOHRSC National Operational Hydrologic Remote Sensing Center (NOAA)
NPS National Park Service
NRCS-SC Natural Resources Conservation Service - Soil and Climate
NWS National Weather Service (NOAA)
NWSLI National Weather Service Location Identifier
POMS -- --
RAWS Remote Automatic Weather Stations
SAO -- --
SNOTEL SNOwpack TELemetry (NRCS)
SNOWNET Snow Monitoring Network (University of Utah)
UCC Utah Climate Center (Utah State University)
USCRN US Climate Reference Network (NOAA)
USFS US Forest Service
USHCN United States Historical Climatology Network (DOE)
USRCRN U.S. Regional Climate Reference Network (NOAA
UTAH DOT Utah Department of Transportation
WBAN Weather-Bureau-Army-Navy (NOAA)
WMO World Meteorological Organization
WRCC Western Regional Climate Center (Desert Research Institute)
WXSVC Weather Service
WX4U Weather For You

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