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Herpetofauna - whipsnake in Canyon de Chelly NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Mammals - little brown bat in Walnut Canyon NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Vegetation - desert shrubs in Glen Canyon NRA<br/>(Courtesy Mar-Elise Hill) Herpetofauna - tiger salamander in Wupatkin NM<br/>(USGS photo) Vegetation - vegetation map of Sunset Crater Volcano NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Mammals - night vision camera photo of bobcat in Walnut Canyon NM (SCPN photo) Herpetofauna - northern leopard frog in Glen Canyon NRA<br/>(USGS photo) Bryophytes - riparian mosses in Grand Canyon NP<br/>(Courtesy T. Clark) Birds - male Williamson sapsucker in Bandelier NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Vegetation - wooly milkvetch in Glen Canyon NRA<br/>(Courtesy Mar-Elise Hill) Mammals - mule deer doe and fawn in Mesa Verde NP<br/>(SCPN photo) Birds - western kingbird<br/>(USGS photo) Exotic plants - musk thistle in Salinas Pueblo Missions NM (NPS photo) Mammals - bison in Grand Canyon NP<br/>(NPS photo) Soils - soil profile in Glen Canyon NRA<br/>(NRCS photo) Mammals - bighorn sheep ewe and lamb in Grand Canyon NP (NPS photo)

Effective long-term management and stewardship of natural resources in the SCPN begins with a baseline knowledge of these resources. Since 2000, SCPN has worked with collaborators to complete and publish 31 inventory reports and one Masters thesis covering birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles, vegetation, climate and water quality.

The NPS I&M program identified the following 12 basic resource inventories as those of greatest value for the Vital Signs Monitoring Program:

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