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Biological, Geological and Water Inventories

Fungi - mushroom at Bandelier NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Reptiles/Amphibians - night snake at Wupatki NM<br/>(USGS photo) Plants - iris at Bandelier NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Reptiles/Amphibians - horned toad at Wupatki NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Plants - grasses at Wupatki NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Geology - petrified wood and badlands at Petrified Forest NP (SCPN photo) Birds - mountain chickadee<br/>(USFWS photo) Plants - winterfat at El Morro NM<br/>(SCPN photo) Birds - pinyon jay<br/>(USFWS photo) Vegetation - vegetation at the Gran Quivira unit of Salinas Pueblo Missions NM (NPS photo) Reptiles/Amphibians - canyon tree frog tadpoles in Walnut Canyon NM (USGS photo) Plants - endangered sentry milk vetch at Grand Canyon NP (SCPN photo) Reptiles/Amphibians - collared lizard at Aztec Ruins NM<br/>(USGS photo)

In the summer of 2000, representatives from the SCPN park units, the Colorado Plateau Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit, the U.S. Geological Survey's Biological Resource Discipline, and regional experts from a number of universities and other governmental agencies met in Moab, Utah to scope out park inventory needs, prioritize these needs, and to begin the process of writing project proposals. As a result of this meeting, the inventory plan, Biological Inventory of National Park Areas on the Southern Colorado Plateau, was produced and published in November 2000.

The goal of biological inventories is to document approximately 90% of the vascular plant and vertebrate animal species within each park.

To access inventories completed for the Southern Colorado Plateau Network, please visit our Reports and Publications page.

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