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Vegetation Mapping

Early in the network planning process, the SCPN identified vegetation maps as integral natural resource information and determined that accurate and up-to-date maps of the vegetation types of parks and monuments would be critical as the network develops and implements monitoring in park units. Vegetation maps will document baseline information about vegetation communities in parks, which will be important for managing wildlife habitat, plant and animal species of concern, fire, and other resources.

Vegetation mapping of national parks is being accomplished by the National Park Service in cooperation with the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), as well as Nature Serve, the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), and other agencies and private entities. See the USGS Vegetation Characterization Program for additional information.

To view a vegetation map for a particular SCPN park, click on the map of interest, below. You will be redirected to the USGS-NPS Vegetation Map clearinghouse page for the specified park. Or, you can view the map using the NPS Vegetation Inventory Map Viewer, which includes all completed vegetation inventory projects.

Available Maps

Thumbnail of AZRU vegetation map Aztec Ruins
National Monument
Thumbnail of BAND vegetation map Bandelier
National Monument
Thumbnail of CACH vegetation map Canyon de Chelly
National Monument
Thumbnail of CHCU vegetation map Chaco Culture
National Historical Park
Mapping underway El Malpais
National Monument
Thumbnail of ELMO vegetation map El Morro
National Monument
Mapping project in progress Glen Canyon
National Recreation Area
Mapping project in progress Grand Canyon
National Park
Thumbnail of HUTR vegetation map Hubbell Trading Post
National Historic Site
Thumbnail of MEVE vegetation map Mesa Verde
National Park
Thumbnail of NAVA vegetation map Navajo
National Monument
Thumbnail of PEFO vegetation map Petrified Forest
National Park
Thumbnail of PETR vegetation map Petroglyph
National Monument
Thumbnail of SAPU vegetation map Salinas Pueblo Missions
National Monument
Thumbnail of SUCR vegetation map Sunset Crater Volcano
National Monument
Thumbnail of WACA vegetation map Walnut Canyon
National Monument
Thumbnail of WUPA vegetation map Wupatki
National Monument

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