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Aztec Spring lower marsh<br />(NPS photo) Fossils<br />(SCPN photo) Historic homestead<br />(SCPN photo) Fragments of black-on-white Ancestral Puebloan pottery<br />(NPS photo) View from Aztec Spring<br />(SCPN photo) Tall grasses and shrubs<br />(SCPN photo) Reconstructed north wall of Lower House<br />(NPS photo) Lush grasslands<br />(NPS photo) Landscape view of the cliffs of Mesa Verde<br />(SCPN photo) View from Middle Spring<br />(SCPN photo) Sagebrush and pinyon-juniper<br />(NPS photo) Tall grasses<br />(SCPN photo) Vegetation mapping at Middle Spring<br />(SCPN photo)

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Location of Yucca House NM in the Southern Colorado Plateau Network. Click for larger image.

Yucca House National Monument encompasses 35 acres (14 ha) in southwestern Colorado. It was established in 1919 to preserve a large, unexcavated Ancestral Puebloan archeological site.

A desert-shrub community is the dominant habitat in the monument, with pockets of riparian habitat associated with three perennial springs. Two amphibian, 75 bird, 25 mammal, and 10 reptile species have been reported at Yucca House.

The Southern Colorado Plateau conducts long-term monitoring of springs in Yucca House NM.

Life Zones at Yucca House National Monument

Yucca House NM has a very narrow elevation range (5,797-5,922 ft / 1,767–1,805 m), primarily eastern and southern exposures, and experiences an average annual precipitation of 13 inches (330 mm). Semi-Desert Grassland/Shrub Steppe is the only life zone contained within Yucca House NM.

Yucca House Life Zones

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