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Southeast Alaska I&M Network (SEAN)

Environmental Contaminants Monitoring

Parks monitored: Glacier Bay, Klondike Gold Rush, Sitka

Protocol under development - contents subject to change.

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Environmental Contaminants

The SEAN's environmental contaminants vital sign program monitors the following:

  • Airborne elemental contaminant concentrations in lichen tissue, resampled every five years.
  • Freshwater mercury concentration in riverine Dolly Varden fish, resampled every five years.
  • Marine contaminant concentration of trace metals, PAHs, PCBs, and other organic compounds in bay mussels, resampled every two years.

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Deliverables Produced for this Vital Sign

The following information products are maintained by this monitoring program. Full details are available in chapter 4 of the monitoring protocols. All these products are accepted as meeting the mandatory quality specifications detailed in the protocols.

EC_A Lichen field collection sheets.
EC_B Lichen tissue elemental analysis results.
EC_C Dolly Varden field collection sheets.
EC_D Dolly Varden tissue mercury analysis results.
EC_E Dolly Varden tissue mercury analysis technical report.
EC_F Bay mussel field collection sheets.
EC_G Bay mussel tissue contaminants analysis technical report.
EC_H Periodic NRDS report.
EC_I Protocol package.
  • Deliverables
  • Lichen field collection sheets
  • Lichen tissue elemental analysis results
  • Dolly Varden field collection sheets
  • Dolly Varden tissue mercury results
  • Dolly Varden tissue mercury analysis technical report
  • Bay mussel field collection sheets
  • Bay mussel tissue contaminants analysis report
  • Periodic NRDS report
  • Protocol package
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