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Freshwater Contaminants Monitoring

Parks monitored: Glacier Bay, Klondike Gold Rush, Sitka

Protocol under development - contents subject to change.

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Freshwater Contaminants

SEAN's long-term freshwater contaminants monitoring program is still under development. It is intended to fulfill these objectives:

  • Assess the level of mercury and POPs in various physical and biological components of SEAN ecosystems.
  • Compare the contamination levels against state and federal criteria (when available) and to findings from other studies.
  • Determine temporal trends in the contaminant occurrence and concentration
  • Determine whether particular landscape types are disproportionately efficient at accumulating and/or exporting contaminants within their watersheds.

Baseline Reports

2013 fish sampling KLGO, SITK Cyr, A., C. J. Sergeant, J. A. Lopez, and T. M. O’Hara. 2014. Developing a freshwater contaminants monitoring protocol for the Southeast Alaska Network: Summary of 2013 fish and habitat sampling in Klondike Gold Rush and Sitka National Historical Parks. Natural Resource Data Series NPS/SEAN/NRDS—2014/679. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado. » IRMA

Mercury in SE AK streams Nagorski, S. A., D. R. Engstrom, J. P. Hudson, D. P. Krabbenhoft, E. Hood, J. F. DeWild, and G. R. Aiken. 2014. Spatial distribution of mercury in southeastern Alaskan streams influenced by glaciers, wetlands, and salmon. Environmental Pollution. Volume 182. PP 62-72.

Mercury in western parks Eagles-Smith, C.A., Willacker, J.J., and Flanagan Pritz, C.M. 2014, Mercury in fishes from 21 national parks in the Western United States—Inter and intra-park variation in concentrations and ecological risk: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 2014-1051, 54 p. » USGS Repos

FC baseline Nagorski, S., D. Engstrom, J. Hudson, D. Krabbenhoft, J. DeWild, E. Hood, and G. Aiken. 2011. Scale and distribution of global pollutants in Southeast Alaska Network park watersheds. Natural Resource Technical Report NPS/SEAN/NRTR—2011/496. National Park Service, Fort Collins, Colorado. » IRMA

Results of 2007 Sampling

FC 2007 results

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Nineteen park rivers were surveyed for contaminants in summer 2007. Water samples were taken and analyzed for levels of mercury as well as ancillary elements and compounds. Specimens of mayflies and juvenile coho salmon were analyzed for mercury as well.

In a related examination, juvenile coho salmon were taken from the same park rivers. Levels of various persistent organic pollutants were measured in their tissues. They are presented here in XLSX spreadsheet form.

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