National Park Service

Southeast Alaska I&M Network (SEAN)

Oceanographic Monitoring Parameter Ranges

ParameterMinimum ValueMaximum Value
Depth (m)0.000422.000
Pressure (dbar)0.000426.404
Temperature (ºC)1.53315.421
Conductivity (S/m)0.3453.367
Salinity (PSU)2.62032.667
Density (kg/m³)1.77725.621
Fluorescence (mg/m³)0.00086.474
Optical backscatter turbidity (NTU)0.000353.103
Dissolved oxygen (ml/l)3.45313.013
Photosynthetically active radiation (µE/m²·sec) 0.0001587.600

This page was dynamically generated from the database. The values it lists are current and the best available information. Only readings having record quality 0 ("Good") or not yet having a quality assigned were used for this report.

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