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Sea Otter Monitoring

Parks monitored: Glacier Bay

Protocol under development - contents subject to change.

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Sea Otters

SEAN's long-term sea otter monitoring program is still under development. It is intended to fulfill these objectives:

  • Monitor the abundance and spatial distribution of sea otters in GLBA.
  • Provide a dynamic spatio-temporal model using a flexible statistical framework that can accommodate multiple data types.
  • Implement optimal dynamic survey designs to increase sampling efficiency to maximize program sustainability, increase safety, and improve the precision of parameter estimates.
  • Provide reliable quantitative information regarding the spatial distribution and abundance of sea otters to assess the status of the sea otters in GLBA and to inform Alaska-wide stock assessments by U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, and inform decisions regarding management actions that may have the potential to impact sea otters.


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AC Graw Williams PJ, Hooten MB, Womble JN, Esslinger GG, Bower MR, Hefley TJ. 2017. An integrated data model to estimate spatiotemporal occupancy, abundance, and colonization dynamics. Ecology, 98(2), PP. 328-336.

No sea otter monitoring data are currently available.

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