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Groundwater Dynamics Monitoring

Restored pine savannah wetland at Moores Creek NB
Restored pine savannah wetland at Moores Creek NB

Groundwater Dynamics
Monitoring Reports & Briefs

Groundwater Dynamics
Sampling Protocols & Procedures

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Monitoring Objectives

Compile and analyze data from existing sources to determine the status and trends of freshwater and saltwater table levels in existing groundwater wells.


Groundwater resources in the Southeast Coast Network fall into two categories: shallow and deep water aquifers. All SECN parks and ecosystems are in some way connected to the shallow groundwater system, which is potentially impacted by modification to surface waters (impoundments), long-term weather patterns (flooding and drought), and potentially extraction. SECN parks are also underlain by two major deep-water aquifers — The Floridan and Northern Atlantic Coastal Plain Aquifer Systems. Deep water aquifers in the region serve as industrial, commercial, and agricultural water supply sources, and may alter dependent or connected ecosystems as demands for those resources increase over time.

Monitoring Approach

The Southeast Coast Network worked with the University of Georgia to develop a groundwater monitoring protocol and analyze existing groundwater data to determine the status and trends of groundwater quantity in wells relevant to SECN parks. To achieve these goals, data from various state and federal groundwater monitoring programs was acquired from web-based program archives or other sources as available. Primary monitoring tasks included obtaining groundwater data from external data sources, conducting trend analyses for each well, and refining the methodology for these tasks. Duties also included conducting literature reviews on monitoring parameters, instrumentation, and protocols for groundwater monitoring. Recommendations for equipment replacement, upgrade, and installation were made in cases where SECN parks install or maintain monitoring wells.

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Parks Where Protocol Will Be Implemented

All SECN parks.

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