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Coho salmon smolts at Point Reyes NS Looking down on rooftops at Alcatraz Island The endangered Mission blue butterfly at Golden Gate NRA Muir Beach at Golden Gate NRA Biologist doing a songbird survey at Golden Gate NRA Muir Woods National Monument Endangered California condor in flight over Pinnacles NM Elephant seal at Point Reyes National Seashore Measuring salmonids at Golden Gate NRA California red-legged frog (federally threatened species) NPS staff investigate soil hydrology Northern spotted owls (federally threatened species) Pinnacles National Park Vegetation restoration area in bloom at Golden Gate NRA

The San Francisco Bay Area Network (SFAN) consists of eight national park units located along the central California coast. SFAN parks contain some of the most significant examples of terrestrial Mediterranean-type ecosystems and coastal marine environments anywhere in the world.

This site provides access to study results, data, and related analysis about the natural resources investigated by the SFAN network, its parks, research and land management partners. Park managers use this information make decisions about park resources.

SFAN also works closely with the San Francisco By Area National Parks and Learning Center and each park's natural resources program to develop sound scientific resources that lead to improved management and preservation.

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San Francisco Bay Area
National Parks Science and Learning Center

San Francisco Bay Area National Parks Science and Learning Center

The many National Park Service programs and partners in the Bay Area are dedicated to understanding and preserving the region's unique resources through science and education.
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Webcam – Point Reyes Visitor Center

Click here to see a larger image, current weather, and air quality information about this location. Webcam is maintained by the NPS Air Resources Division. Photos are updated approximately every 15 minutes.

Video: Monitoring Our Endangered Coho Salmon

Inventory & Monitoring Reports

Snowy Plover Report Cover

A listing of published reports concerning natural resources that are monitored and managed at San Francisco Bay Area Network parks.
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