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San Francisco Bay Area Network Parks

Grasslands at Pinnacles National Park (Photo credit: Paul Johnson) Oak woodlands at John Muir NHS (Photo credit: Robert Steers) Vegetation restoration area in bloom at Golden Gate NRA Chimney Rock overlook at Point Reyes NS (Photo credit: Sarah Wakamiya) Muir Woods National Monument

The San Francisco Bay Area Network (SFAN) works with eight national park units located along the Pacific coast of central California.

These parks encompass a staggering diversity of ecosystems. Situated in one of the most biologically rich areas in the world, the parks include open ocean and rocky intertidal zones, brackish estuaries and wetlands, and freshwater streams and ponds. On land, habitats include everything from sandy beaches and dunes to grasslands, scrub, and forests, to caves and high rocky spires. See the links below to learn more about each of these unique environments.

Network Parks

The Inventory & Monitoring Program primarily works in the following parks:

Other park sites that are part of the San Francisco Bay Area Network, but where the Inventory & Monitoring Program is less active include:

San Francisco Bay Area Network Park Map

SFAN park map Point Reyes National Seashore Golden Gate National Recreation Area Golden Gate National Recreation Area John Muir National Historic Site Eugene O'Neill National Historic Site Port Chicago Naval Magazine Memorial Fort Point National Historic Site Muir Woods National Monument Pinnacles National Park

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