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Muir Woods National Monument

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Location of Muir Woods National Monumnet in the San Francisco Bay Area Network. Click for larger image.

Muir Woods National Monument is located in Marin County, California, just 17 miles north of San Francisco. Although only 554 acres in size, the park receives nearly 1 million visitors a year.The park was established in 1908 to protect one of the last stands of old-growth redwood trees (Sequoia sempervirens). The age of trees within the park range up to 800 years and fall within a mosaic of redwood, Douglas-fir, hardwood, scrub, and grassland vegetation types. Within this fragment of old-growth habitat live several federally threatened and endangered species including northern spotted owls, coho salmon, California red-legged frogs, and steelhead trout.

Major natural resource issues for the park include hydrologic system disturbance, encroachment of invasive species, climate change, and visitor impact.

Additional information about inventory & monitoring activities in the park may be found on the San Francisco By Area National Parks and Learning Center webpage for Muir Woods National Monument.

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