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Grasslands at Pinnacles National Park (Photo credit: Paul Johnson)
Grasslands at Pinnacles National Park (Photo credit: Paul Johnson)

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Location of Pinnacles National Park in the San Francisco Bay Area Network. Click for larger image.

Pinnacles National Park is the southernmost park in the San Francisco Bay Area Network, covering about 27,000 acres at the southern end of the Gabilan Mountains. Ancient volcanic activity formed its namesake rock spires, cliffs, and talus caves. The park also protects a broadleaf chaparral ecoregion which has largely been extirpated from coastal California.

Due to its unique resources, Pinnacles National Park supports a rich community of flora and fauna. It hosts one of the highest densities of breeding prairie falcon populations in North America and with over 400 bee species inventoried in the park, has the highest bee diversity per unit area known in the world.

Encroachment of exotic species, climate change, fire management, and recreation management are top natural resource concerns for the park.

Additional information about inventory and monitoring activities in the park may be found on the on the San Francisco Bay Area National Parks Science and Learning Center webpage for Pinnacles National Park.

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