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Threatened & Rare Species Monitoring

Queen butterfly at Big Cypress National Preserve.
Queen butterfly at Big Cypress National Preserve.

Some threatened and rare species serve as indicators of overall ecosystem health, e.g., American crocodile, butterflies, Florida panther, imperiled & rare plants, marine invertebrates such as some coral species and long-spined sea urchins, sawfish, sea turtles, and protected marine mammals such as manatees. Monitoring for some of these species is already conducted by parks and/or other partners and SFCN's role is link to their existing reports where possible. For other species monitoring is limited or non-existent and SFCN and the parks lack sufficient funding to address these species. For species such as black long-spined sea urchins, SFCN is monitoring them concurrently with coral monitoring.

Individual vital signs in this category are also listed in the table below.

Vital Signs Monitored by the SFCN and Our Partners

Vital Signs Category Monitored by SFCN
and Partners
Monitored by Partners Only and/or Deferred**
Threatened & Rare Species

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