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Landscape Dynamics Monitoring

Mangrove Islands in Western Everglades National Park as seen from helicopter Mangrove islands in Western Everglades National Park as seen from helicopter.

Natural resources within National Parks exist within a much broader landscape context both within the parks and extending far outside the parks. Changes in these resources are best interpreted by being able to look at multiple scales of focus, e.g., vegetation plot dynamics, vegetation community maps, and broader changes in land use. SFCN is working with partners to make sure that detailed, high quality, accurate maps of Benthic Communities Extent and Distribution and Vegetation Communities Extent and Distribution are complete and, where necessary, is creating new maps or upgrading existing maps. SFCN plans to work with fire ecologists in Everglades National Park and Big Cypress National Preserve to take advantage of their existing fire data to analyze Fire Return Interval Departure. And SFCN is working to develop a protocol for anticipating Land Use Change as well as evaluating past changes.

Individual vital signs in this category are also listed in the table below.

Vital Signs Monitored by the SFCN and Our Partners

Vital Signs Category Monitored by SFCN
and Partners
Monitored by Partners Only and/or Deferred**
Landscape Dynamics

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