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Island Insects Monitoring

Monarch Butterfly
Monarch Butterfly.


The SFCN island insects monitoring protocol is deferred due to insufficient funding.

Resource Briefs, Reports, and Data

There are currently no SFCN resource briefs, reports, or data concerning this monitoring topic.


Island insects are assumed to be very important in small island communities. Small islands have very simple food webs compared with mainland areas or larger islands, such as Puerto Rico. In small island communities beetles are essential for recycling nutrients and are also a prey base. Native bees are important pollinators, but can be susceptible to invasive species that can thrive on small island communities.

Monitoring Objectives

  • What are the status and trends in the composition and distribution of major insect groups (e.g., beetles, pollinators)?
  • What invasive insect species are present and how are they distributed?


Unfortunately this vital sign has been deferred due to insufficient funds and staff time

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