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Visitor Use

Visitors in Everglades National Park's Anhinga Trail.
Visitors in Everglades National Park's Anhinga Trail.

Visitor Use Statistics


Parks are monitoring visitor use. SFCN is not developing a protocol but will link to reports and summaries.

Resource Briefs, Reports, and Data

There are currently no additional SFCN resource briefs, reports, or data concerning this monitoring topic.


Without quantitative data on the types, amounts and distribution of activities occurring in the parks, managers are unable to develop reliable and sufficient park plans. Park managers must have documentation of the full range of activities occurring within their parks, how many people are doing each activity, and where these activities are occurring, as well as information on the changes in these activities over time, in order to understand the linkages between the condition of resources and specific park uses of concern. These data can also provide some indication of how changes in park management are reflected in park uses of natural areas.

Monitoring Objectives

  • What are the seasonal and long-term trends in the distribution and abundance of visitors and associated activity types?
  • In areas of critical concern, how is visitor use changing over time?

Status & Trends

Monthly and annual summaries are available on the NPStats Visitor Use website.


SFCN will use the National Park Service Public Use Statistics Office reports to evaluate changes in visitation. Monthly information is available on the NPStats Visitor Use website. Annual reports will be generated each January for the previous calendar year and posted to the intranet site with the url for those who might want to see updated information during the year. Other measures will be deferred unless additional funding becomes available.

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