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The Southwest Network Collaboration

Big Bend National Park
Big Bend National Park (Chihuahuan Desert Network).

The Southwest Network Collaboration (SWNC) is a joint effort between the Sonoran Desert Network, Chihuahuan Desert Network, and Southern Plains Network.

Through this collaboration, the programs share monitoring protocols and duties related to data collection and reporting. The goal of the SWNC is to improve effectiveness and efficiency across all three networks.

Under the SWNC, the networks (in varying combinations) share protocols, training, data management, and reporting responsibilities for seven different protocols: air quality, climate, invasive exotic plants, groundwater, landbirds, surface water (streams and seeps/springs/tinajas), and terrestrial vegetation & soils. A complete breakdown of which protocols and responsibilities are shared among which networks can be found at the SWNC SharePoint site (DOI only).

Southwest Network Collaboration networks and units.
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