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Southwest Alaska Network (SWAN)

About the Southwest Alaska Network

A multi-level organizational structure ensures accountability and efficiency of the SWAN program. The network is responsible to a Board of Directors and Technical Committee composed of park superintendents and staff who participate on a rotational basis. Program guidance and oversight is provided by the Inventory & Monitoring Division of the National Park Service's Washington Office.

The network consists of nine permanent NPS personnel that work closely with park staff at Southwest Alaska parks.

Southwest Alaska Network Staff Contacts

Name Title/Position Phone Number
Amy Miller I&M Coordinator 907-644-3683
Michael Hannam Ecologist (Terrestrial) 907-644-3682
Heather Coletti Ecologist (Marine) 907-455-0675
Russell Frith Data Manager Assistant 907-644-3689
Peter Kirchner Physical Scientist 907-644-3686
Tim Shepherd Data Manager 907-644-3688
Tammy Wilson Ecologist (Biometrics) 907-268-7967
James Walton Biological Science Technician 907-644-3684
Krista Bartz Ecologist (Aquatic) 907-644-3685

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