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Upper Columbia Basin Network (UCBN)

Land Cover & Use Monitoring

Satellite image of Craters of the Moon NMP area
Satellite image of Craters of the Moon NMP area

Land Use & Cover Inventory Reports

Land Use & Cover Monitoring Protocol & Procedures

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Parks to Be Monitored

Importance / Issues

  • Changes in spatial patterns of land cover both within and adjacent to National Parks can greatly affect biological and physical processes within those parks. Specifically, landscape patterns related to disturbance, fragmentation, buffers, and land cover change have been shown to affect the abundance of rare and endangered species, levels of biodiversity, potential for invasion by exotic plants, habitat for birds, amphibians and other animals, water quality, and in-stream habitat for fish and other aquatic organisms.
  • To address such concerns, satellite imagery will be used in conjunction with aerial photography to monitor the spatial extent of changes in land cover and use in the Network. The results from remote sensing change detection analyses can also be used to identify areas of rapid change to target management efforts.

Monitoring Objectives

  • Determine long-term trends in land cover distribution within and adjacent to UCBN park boundaries.
  • Determine patterns of relevant land cover types within and adjacent to UCBN park boundaries.

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